Marguerite Capezio

Marguerite is a highly respected, qualified and experienced industry professional with over 20 years in the ingredients, personal care and raw materials industry.

In her various roles, Marguerite has been a driving force behind large, medium and start up companies holding senior leadership positions. Her ability to combine her scientific qualifications, unique commercial acumen and strategic vision has seen her become renowned within her industry.

Marguerite’s attitude and work ethic has seen her excel in diverse situations, allowing her to motivate those whom worked with her to implement new business strategies and navigate entry into new markets.​

In her time within the industry, Marguerite has developed contacts globally, attending various international renowned events and building a knowledge base of markets in ANZ and internationally.

Marguerite’s accreditations include:
Bachelor of Science – Chemistry, Western Sydney University
Postgraduate Diploma of Cosmetic Science – De Montford University, Leicester (UK)